Make Okonomiyaki and tour the Oliver Sauce factory (日本語) ~日本ソース発祥の地 神戸で学ぶ~

  • Cultural experience
Time Required:
15 people
Tour the Oliver Sauce factory in Kobe and learn how some of Japan’s most famous Worcester sauce is made.

This tour will give participants a unique insight into production with a tour of the production line covering sauce creation, bottling and distribution. Following this, the group will do sauce tasting fo the various types of Worcester sauce made on site which will be accompanied with an explanation of the history and characteristics of sauce manufacturing in Japan, which started in Kobe during the Meiji Period.

Following the factory tour participants will have the opportunity to cook and learn how to make Okonomiyaki from the President of the ‘The Okonomiyaki School for Professionals.’ Of course, participants will be able to eat and enjoy thir Okonimyaki creations!


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