What We Do

We provide comprehensive support from the start of convention and exhibition planning, such as assisting with bid paper creation, provision of promotional tools, to the actual organizing itself, including post decision consultation once Kobe has been selected as the event location.

Phase-specific support services

01Up to finalization of host city

Attracting a convention and/or exhibition to Kobe (Japan)

  • 1. Support for issuing letters of invitation from Japanese government ministries’ and agencies' and the Mayor of Kobe.
  • 2. Presentation of a support program package including comprehensive bidding advice and financial subsidies. » Link to Meet in Kobe
  • 3. Venue selection support
  • 4. Bid paper preparation support
  • 5. Assistance with bid presentations held outside of Japan
  • 6. Provision of promotional videos and images of Kobe
  • 7. Reception of key persons from international headquarters etc. to conduct inspection tours of the city and facilities

Receiving advance information and advice

  • 8. Comprehensive consulting on hosting your event
02Up to the actual event

Creating a plan for your event

  • 9. Introduction to companies providing support, such as venues, hotels, PCOs, and travel agencies

Procuring funds

  • 10. Provision of subsidies for international conferences, Link to Meet in Kobe » Link to Meet in Kobe
  • 11. Introduction to Tsutomu Nakauchi Foundation

Marketing your event to attract more participants

  • 12. PR through website
  • 13. Provision of Kobe promotional videos and photographic images
  • 14. Arranging for nominal support from Kobe City
  • 15. Arranging press releases
03During the conference

Conducting welcome events

  • 16. Assistance with arranging a welcome message from the Mayor of Kobe at opening ceremonies
  • 17. Provision of Kobe wine or Japanese sake (Conditions apply)
  • 18. Installation of welcome banner and welcome board (Conditions apply)
  • 19. Provision of souvenirs for VIPs (Conditions apply)

Holding an open lecture for the general public

  • 20. Advice toward holding open lectures, and support for said lecture
  • 21. Request for promotional material placement at Kobe City-managed facilities such as ward offices and libraries

Enhancing participants’ satisfaction

  • 22. Introduction of venues and local activities unique to Kobe
  • 23. Installation of temporary tourism information booth
  • 24. Provision of congress bag


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