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Hold a banquet atop Mt. Rokko and be dazzled by the million dollar night view, taste culture and authentic Japanese Sake in the Nada brewing district, lap up history in the ancient healing waters of Japan’s oldest hot springs in Arima, be intrigued and charmed by Kitano, the old foreign settlement area where Japanese and 19th century European architecture collide. Kobe has a wide variety of unique programs and venues designed to provide delegates with the quintessential Kobe experience.

Historical Building ②お庭
Historical Building ②外観
Historical Building DCIM100MEDIADJI_0032.JPG
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Luminous Kobe-2
Reception Hall kobe-experiences-00011
Victorian House Reintei
Cruising kobe-experiences-00002
Reception Hall ①本館外観(10,000平米の広大な敷地)
KOBE GEIHINKAN Former Guest House
Reception Hall kobe-experiences-00009
the Hillside Kobe
Historical Building kobe-experiences-00008
Minatogawa Shrine Nanko Hall
Historical Building kobe-experiences-00007
Ikuta Shrine Hall
Sake Breweries kobe-experiences-00006
Kobe Shu-shin-kan Breweries
Amusement facilities kobe-experiences-00005
Suma Aqualife Park
Night Views ①外観
Kitano Club Sola
Jazz Bands
Jazz Bands
Kobe is the birthplace of Jazz in Japan. There are a large number of house bands.
Kobe City Fire Department Brass Band
Kobe City Fire Department Brass Band
This Brass Band provides 250 performances or more at events related to fire prevention and other events hosted by Kobe city every year.
Famous feature of the Kobe citizensʼ festival in spring. Samba with cheerful rhyme is powerful and appealing.
Awa Dance
Awa Dance
The traditional arts of Tokushima in Shikoku
Koto (Japanese Harp)
Koto (Japanese Harp)
Ikuta School tradition, one-string Suma Goto
Japanese Drums
Japanese Drums
Japanese drum attraction includes Kobe taiko, Arima Mansuke taiko and Ebisu taiko.
Kagami biraki (opening of ceremonial sake barrel)
Kagami biraki (opening of ceremonial sake barrel)
People in Japan celebrate the new year by opening a sake barrel, or the Kagami biraki ceremony.
Arima Geigi (professional female entertainer)
Arima Geigi (professional female entertainer)
A traditional entertainment of Arima Onsen, Arima Geigis entertain visitors with dances that vary in style according to the season of the year.


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