Kobe is located right in the center of Japan. This mild port city rich in nature commands a view of the calm blue Seto Inland Sea against a range of beautiful, green-shrouded mountains.

The city has prospered as a port for overseas trade since ancient times, and has adopted various western cultures since its opening in 1868.

With the modernization of Japan, the city has grown mainly around maritime transport, shipbuilding, steel, and medical industries to become a cosmopolitan city with a population of about 1.53 million and a home to people from more than 130 countries around the world.

As a tourist destination, Kobe offers many attractions including the city night view as one of the three best night views in Japan, Seto Inland Sea cruising, and Arima Onsen, a historic hot spring with its origins being traced back as far as the 1600s, and is also famous for its diverse food culture and fine foods, such as world-famous Kobe Beef, Nada Sake, and western confectionery.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at this international city Kobe where visitors can experience all the blessings from nature, culture, and foods.


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