About KOBE

Located between the Rokko mountain range and the Seto inland sea, the historical port city of Kobe has been embracing foreign cultures since the 9th century, giving the city a unique international flavor. Through its port, Kobe became a city of many “Japan firsts,” and to this day, a strong international influence can be seen in the city though its unique food culture, that includes the world-famous Kobe beef and Nada sake, and an eclectic mix of Japanese and late 19th century Western architecture.

Present day Kobe is home to 1.50 million people from 146 nations, and one of Asia largest medical clusters, the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster. Playing host to over 370 organizations, the cluster, has given rise to cutting edge technical advancements, including the world’s most powerful supercomputer, “Fugaku,” and game changing regenerative medicine research and application using iPS cells. In the mountains, just above the city, the mineral rich waters of the Arima Hot Springs have provided a place of rest and recuperation since the 8th century. Kobe is dynamic city that combines the best of old and new Japan, with a unique international twist.


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