Sake brewery tour in Kobe Japan's largest producer fo Sake

  • small-group
  • Cultural experience
Time Required:
At the Kikumasamune Brewery, participants can observe the process of not just Sake brewing, but also Sake barrel making. Kikumasamune Shuzo is the only company in the Kobe/Nada brewing district that produces their own Sake barrels. The tour provides a rare opportunity to witness how the barrels are made by skilled craftsmen.

Participants will learn the correct way to taste Sake and will be guided through various types of sake tasting. The aim of which is to help the group to gain a better understanding and deeper appreciation of Sake and the care that goes into producing each variant.

As an optional part of the tour, participants will also get the chance to try ‘Kagamibiraki.’ Kagamibiraki is a traditional Sake barrel breaking ceremony that is said to bring good fortune. Participants each take a special wooden hammer and swing simultaneously to break open the barrel, signifying the opening of the door to good fortune.

It is said that Kagamibiraki began as a ceremony that Samurais served sake to their colleagues in order to encourage them before they went to the battlefield. The Kagamibiraki also has a meaning "to open a door to the good fortune" and it is a kind of lucky-bringing event. Let's cooperate with all the tour members and break the lid of the barrel by hitting with wooden hammers.


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