The craft of Japanese shrine and temple construction at Japan’s only carpentry tools museum (日本語) ~神社仏閣の見方が変わる!~

  • Cultural experience
Time Required:
20 people
The ‘Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum’ is the only museum of its kind in Japan. The museum allows visitors to delve deep into the world of Japanese carpentry and craftsmanship.

Through an interactive program, the curators guide visitors through the exhibition areas while they explain about the history of Japanese carpentry tools and the skills of the carpenters. The tour covers how the nature of different types of wood is both basic and vital knowledge for all carpenters, and the differences between Japanese carpentry tools and those from other parts of the world is explained through interactive demonstrations.

At the end of the tour a workshop with carpenters will be held and visitors will have the opportunity to use carpentry tools on hand to make chopsticks out of Japanese cypress, and as a separate option, visitors will also have the opportunity to attend a special exhibition in the tea room ‘Itteki-An’ and enjoy a tea ceremony.


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