Expereince the hospitality of Geisha and soak in one of Japan’s oldest hotsprings (日本語) ~お座敷遊び・舞い、芸妓さんの日常まで~ 

  • Cultural experience
Time Required:
20 people
Located 20 minutes from central Kobe, Arima hot springs is known as one of only three old ‘meisen’ in Japan with records dating back to the 8th century. Reminiscent of another time, the town invites visitors to take a trip back in time and provides a stark contrast to central Kobe.

Participants on this tour will have the opportunity to interact with and view the traditional performances of ""Arima geisha,"" whose dances are tailored to the four seasons and are unique to Arima. Participants will also be taught to play ‘Ozashiki-asobi,’ a traditional game of Geisha designed to entertain and lighten the mood.

Aftre this, particpants will have the opportunity to soak in the ‘Kinsen,’ or Gold spring. With its high iron and salt content, the gold spring is famous for it rust coloured water and skin care properties. A perfect way to end the day and reset.


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