Tea ceremony at Sorakuen – A historical Japanese landscape garden

  • Cultural experience
Time Required:
20 people
Sorakuen garden located in the heart of Kobe city is known as one of the most beautiful Japanese landscape gardens in the country. Sorakuen is situated in extensive 20,000 m2 grounds and features classic elements of Japanese gardens such as stones, gravel, a stream, and a pond. These are all meticulously manicured to create a living work of art by representing natural Japanese landscapes. Stroll through the garden with a tour guide who will point out significant and the unique features of Sorakuen. The tour also inldues a tea ceremony (matcha) at Kanshintei, the humble yet immaculate teahouse located in the center of the garden. While enjoying tea and tranquility, participants will learn about and expereince the first hand the elegance and significance of the Japanese tea ceremony.


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