Exploring Japanese whisky ~Distillery / brewery tour including tasting experience~

  • small-group
  • Cultural experience
Time Required:
20 persons
A pioneer in the Japanese whisky production industry, Eigashima Shuzo was the first distillery to obtain a license to make whisky in Japan in 1919. Established in 1679 as a sake brewer, Eigashima is now the only liquor maker in Hyogo prefecture that produces not only sake, but also, shochu (a Japanese distilled spirit), wine, whisky, and brandy among other products. Their seven wooden sake brewing houses are of significant historically important having being used in their original state since the Meiji era (1868-1912). At the brewery you can see the traditional tools which were used for brewing sake during this time and a professional guide with deep knowledge of both sake and whisky will show you around the brewery/distillery. At the end of the tour, taste five to six kinds of Japanese whiskies paired with snacks at their on-site tasting room. * The tour includes an original tasting glass as a souvenir


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